vendredi 6 septembre 2013

Baltic Amber Drops, or Nodules

Among the variety of amber one can come across so-called amber drops (5%), or amber nodules. They are the overdose of resins that broke away from the streams, which used to flow through icicles and trunk. 

Amber nodules could be different size - rarely ideal drops, more common walnut like (or brain) shape or flattened drops.  Their conservation is dissimilar and their structure is usually deformed. Drops flattened by falling are most frequently found (about 30 %). Regular shape drops are very rare - they could be formed when resins flowed from slits of wood or when they fell into the water. These ideals drops are pierced and beaded into necklaces.

Amber drops have more or less similar color: dark or light caramel. They are almost always opaque. When it comes to working the nodules, they are only slightly polished. It allows to preserve their natural organic look appreciated by amber connoisseurs. 

Unlike other types of amber, nodules are never treated with heat and pressure. Their color is the genuine color developed during millions of years.

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