mardi 23 avril 2013

Baltic Amber Cuff Links

It took me a while to decide how to increase my amber collection, more in a male direction. It also took me a while to find baltic amber cuff links. I've never come across really beautiful cuff links. They are usually either boring chunks of amber in tribal style set in silver or quite simple pieces inlaid in a mosaic like thing. My friend from Poland has spent all his life (twenty five or so years) perfecting the mosaic technique in amber jewelry. His creations are not only perfectly inlaid with an ideal mirror like surface when one cannot feel the border between amber and silver. He is also the only one who is able to create cuff links that work like little sculptures. Each pair has an individual profile: a pyramid, an arch, a diamond, a triangle, etc. I could not resist and ordered one pair for my husband to ... match my jewelry!

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