lundi 17 octobre 2011

Astrological Significance of Amber

Most gems have been related to astrological signs and have significance for astrological readings. In ancient times, the celestial bodies were deemed to impart their powers to certain gems, which would then assist in exerting an influence on mortals wearing them. Amber, for example, was associated with the sign of Leo, because of its golden color. People born under the sign of Leo were protected by the wearing if amber, but those born under the sign of Taurus would be harmed y wearing it. It is used in reference to water signs, such as Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, since amber is closely associated with the sea. Therefore, amber’s protective qualities would e most beneficial to those born under these water signs – the Scorpios benefiting most from reddish ambers, while Cancers should select the white or water-clear varieties. Dreams which include amber signify that one will embark on a voyage in the future. Amber is specifically associated with the proper name Anne, and those bearing that name will be protected and kept free from illness by wearing any form of the gemstone. The ancient belief led to the custom of wearing a stone assigned to that constellation, or a “birthstone”, which served as an amulet bringing good fortune and protection to its wearer. Amber is considered by some to be the alternate birthstone for November, since its color resembles that of the topaz, the regular birthstone for that month. Amber is also the gemstone for the tenth wedding anniversary. 

From "Amber: the Golden Gem of the Ages" by Patty C. Rice

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