dimanche 27 février 2011

"Three Colors: White"

Baltic Amber is thought to be honey or whisky colored. But within the range of these hues are many subtle variations. In fact, the hues range from light yellow to dark brown and include lemon yellow, orange, reddish brown and hues that are almost white. Some are so pale the amber seems colorless. 

Many people when seeing white amber do not realize that white color is a "normal" amber color, although very rare (about 2-3% of all Baltic amber). Usually this amber is distinguished by its variety of textures and "natural ornamentation". Amber of this colour is also called "Royal" or "Bony". It could be with some "colorful intrusions" (yellow, black, blue, green, transparent amber) with interesting patterns. 

Jewelry made out of white amber has a very "young" look: it is light and has a smooth creamy surface with yellow, grey or even blue swirls that create unique patterns. These dark speckles result from fossilized pine needle inclusions. White amber is used in combination with cherry to achieve a contrast of dark and light.

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